Ulysses by James Joyce, Remastered by Robert Gogan Centenary Edition


The easier way to read Ulysses!

ISBN 9780955097492

Joyce’s masterpiece presented with -
●Modern user-friendly formatting
●Additional punctuation to allow for easier reading, without changing a single word of the text
●Useful reading guidelines

There are many challenges in Ulysses for the reader. Among them is the fact that the representation of dialogue is unusual, and the punctuation structure within the sentences can be sparse and vague.

To reduce some of the challenges Robert Gogan has introduced some modern user-friendly formatting into this edition of Ulysses by applying additional punctuation where necessary to allow for easier reading, but without changing a single word or syllable of the text, or its sequence; thus preserving the integrity and authenticity of Joyce’s creation while at the same time offering an easier reading experience.

One of the unique characteristics of Ulysses is that Joyce uses a feature described as ‘streams of consciousness’ to represent the innermost thoughts of some of his characters. In Ulysses Remastered the internal monologue is represented in italics.

This edition of Ulysses is not intended for the Joycean scholar; nor is it directed at the reading enthusiast who prefers to tackle any new piece of reading material in its original form. It is aimed at the countless people who wish to read and enjoy Ulysses, but who are either
reluctant to do so because of its reputation as an ‘impossible book’, or who have attempted to read it but have ended up abandoning it.